Small Business Growth Partners prides itself on providing business owners help that is effective, accurate and impactful.

Due to SBGP’s business model, our coaching, business help, business planning, and business growth services are only offered on a private basis through one of our national Strategic Alliance Partners (including many State Home Building Associations) or the other option is to be referred by one of our current clients.

Each of our current clients are allowed a limited number of BPAs’ to gift to forward-thinking and growth oriented small business owners who are looking for a tool to take their businesses to the next level.

BPA stands for Business Diagnostic & Plan of Actions, and is an exclusive and private business planning tool from Small Business Growth Partners, developed through focusing on the issues of small business owners through their specific industry, and how to solve them.

The deliverable is an extremely accurate and personalized 20+ page, step-by- step and time-based 12 month Plan for you and your business.

To start the BPA process, please complete the short questionnaire, and a representative will give you a call to get things started for you.
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Everything entered into this document will be used for the sole purpose of identifying how we can help you, and your business.  This will be held in the strictest of confidence and only be reviewed by the necessary parties  within our organization.  Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone.

What's your first & last name? *

What Industry are you in? *

What are the top frustrations you have in your business?

If you are getting inconsistent leads (or prospects) that would fall under Marketing. A hard time finding qualified people? That would be Team. 

If you are getting a lot of calls or “price shoppers” that don’t convert into closed business, that would fall under Sales. Feel “glued” to your business? That would be Systems.

The money doesn’t seem to show up (on a consistent basis) at the end of the month? Financial. 

Finally, if you don’t have a clear “Vision” or Strategic Plan for your company, please select Strategic Planning as a top frustration.

What is the #1 goal you have for your business this year?

Now, to match up the best coaches to create your plan, what is the annual revenue of your current business? *

So how did you hear about us? *

Since we are a private firm, we would love to know how you found out about Small Business Growth Partners.

We have a few more questions before we're finished.

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How did you hear about us?

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